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Family Wealth Management

  1. Consultancies
  2. Patrimony analyses the development of portfolio allocation and the client's investment strategy, carefully pursuing risk management through investment proposals that meet the client's needs.
    The service is provided by professionals with many years’ experience in listening to and understanding their clients’ needs and objectives.

  3. Advisement on consolidation and risk management
  4. Patrimony oversees risk management while assessing the performance of clients' portfolios against available reference benchmarks.
    In a transparent, objective and personalised manner, Patrimony's reporting system illustrates and summarises the various components of the client's assets, drawing on knowledge developed in the management of relations with institutional clients.

  5. Asset management services
  6. Patrimony's clients can delegate the entire management of their financial assets.
    Patrimony recognizes its clients’ needs, objectives and performance expectations and assesses their risk-related ability and propensity, supporting clients in formulating the investment strategy that best reflects their needs.

    Patrimony is independent in the selection of its products, ensuring access to the best asset managers.
    As with its advisory services, Patrimony's negotiating power enables clients to benefit from competitive costs across a wide range of custodian banks.
    Patrimony's reporting ensures regular and detailed information on the evolution of the portfolio's performance.


    Patrimony offers its services independently of the banking counterparty where the client's financial assets are deposited.
    Thanks to its long-standing cooperation with a wide range of Swiss custodian banks, Patrimony provides clients with access to competitive custody costs.