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Asset Management

For institutional clients, Patrimony asset management offers:

  1. Discretionary management mandates for relative performance
  2. Risk monitoring
  3. Calculation and attribution of performance
  4. Customised reporting based on specific customer needs
  5. Compliance reporting (internal and external)


Patrimony asset management for private clients:

  1. Provides module-based implementation of discretionary management mandate multi-strategies that can be adapted according to need
  2. Supports customer-specific advisement on not only portfolio allocation and investment strategy but also specific financial instruments, including analysis and selection of investment funds
  3. Manages, co-manages or advises on classes of investment funds distributed to a limited number of investors (private funds)
  4. Performs risk analysis, monitoring and reporting on complex portfolios subject to discretionary management or consulting mandates
  5. Compliance reporting (internal and external)